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Age 23
Gender Female
Status Married
Location Pine Island, Minnesota
Interest horse back riding, training, goin swimming with friends
Due Nov 19, 2012 (boy)
I am an advid horse back rider, i enjoy hanging out with my friends and havin a good time. I am a person who tells you exactly what i think, no beating around the bush with my opions, if you dont like it then im sorry i am who i am. it was how i was raised. but i am a loyal friend, i stand by my friends through thick and thin.
Like i said i enjoy havin a good time, and what better way when out doin something that i enjoy. I love horseback riding, goin out with friends, chillin at my apartment, love gettin a group together and watchin movies, among other things.
I do enjoy some quiet time though dont get me wrong. and nothing is better on a cold day than snugglin up with a warm blanket with a good book and a nice warm cup of coffee or hot coco. Now I can look forward to having a little baby boy to snuggle witth on the days when it is cold out. My husband and I are extreamly excited for the arrival of our little man on nov. 20th. :-)