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Age 22
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Due Mar 09, 2013 (boy)
Hmmm... About me... Lets see. I've been in a relationship with the most wonderful man in the entire world since 10/24/2008!! He means the world to me.We had planned on getting married in the fall, but now that we are expecting we thought we would wait... Well we ended up getting married, just a very small wedding, Dec. 20, 2012! We've been together 4 years! I love my relationship! He is the best guy anyone could ever ask for! I love him to death! After 2 years of trying we finally concieved! My medicaid messed up my BC and was switching it on me every month and it really screwed with me. I'm guessing thats what took so long! Prenatals did indeed help though. We are expecting a little boy come March 10, 2013! I'm so excited to meet my little man, I know he's gonna be a mamma's boy! His name will be Gage Robert Wilkins! I'm just the happiest person in the world! :D