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Age 27
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Interest music, caring
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Due Dec 08, 2012
I am a open minded, very easy going tomboy. Love hanging out with my boys, love going out, as much as love having me time also. Have a beautiful daughter called kara. She is my world and is so advanced and mental like her mum already :). me man Dan who is too epic to describe in just words. I'm slightly obsessed with trolleys.
some people would describe me as quirky, those that know me the best would say, special ;).
I am very much opinionated and blunt and feel life is too short for caring what people think anymore. I've realised who my real mates are past year especially after being pregnant. Have kept the ones that matter and who are GENUINE. you know who you are :). quality rather than quantity any day my dears!
If you like the look or sound of me wahoo, lets have a chat, if not suck my fart and move on :).
I like to live every day doing something completely different and random, a new adventure :).
I love my mum, shes my best mate, she inspires me and has made me stronger than I ever thought I could be.
i love long words that make me giggle, love learning new things. anyways i think I have babbled enough, i will most likely add more to this as time goes on.
rawk on. xx