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The last 3y I've been flying to Germany, Haiti,jamaica 5 times, Punta Cana, London, Rome, I sometimes take one or two girls with me.....alot of times I go alone to travel around andstay the people of the country.

Being a mother was a wonderful time when I was raising them..I homeschooled for 8y and loved every day I was able to spend the day with them. I am the one who taught them to read..Nowthat they have grown some, I'm seeing the world, and had no idea the hunger and pain that was out there. Wanting to save the world was overwelming, so I take small steps to help who I can. Still its so easy to forget what I have seen, and to go back to selfish ways ...But when I remember my friends in Haiti, it brings me back and I know I can live with much less than I have now, and can give to others as they gave to me.