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I am a mother of 3 amazing sons, Hunter 9, Logan 8 and Austin 6.. After several years of being foster parents and taking in a total of 27 foster kids. We were in the process of adopting our beautiful special needs foster daughter when at just 18 months she passed away.. We are so devistated... I am in love with my best friend.. Who I can NEVER stay mad at.. He makes me laugh even when i dont want to..I love being a mom.. I know the Lord Dragged me through hell in order for me to appriciate my heaven on earth.. I have an amazing family.. My mom is my rock.. I love her so much and my dad and sister and bro are pretty freakin cool too.. lol.. I am totally in love with my Niece Lilly she is my love.. I feel so blessed and loved to have such an amazing family and group of amazing friends that is always there when i need them..Our Baby Girl Recieved her Angel wings on 3/23/12 We miss you Bug..If you had told me a year ago i would have a chid that I loved with all my heart and then I would loose that child and survive it. I would have told you that you were crazy. To hold Bug was like holding a piece of heaven. I think somewhere inside We knew she would return to Heavenly father Long before we were ready for her too. We never saw the tubes, the boogies, the disabilities. We saw Hayleigh... a Perfect heavenly being. Our lives have been forever changed. We had the privlege of loving an Earth Angel. Yes I get up everyday Not because I didnt care, Yes we plan to someday adopt again Not because we dont Love Bug, But because we Do. She showed us something that you cannot understand, you cannot learn by merely loving a child. You cannot comprehend unless you have been chosen to love a pure spirit, an Earth Angel.... We gave Bug a family and in return she taught us what a family was. She was not of my flesh, she was not born from my womb, The love we felt for her was not biological it was heaven sent. I get up everyday to honor my daughters life, I laugh, i cry, i pray and i Live. Because I was chosen to be her mother and I have to do the best I can do so someday when it is my time to return to heavenly father I can do so with Honor.... I love you Bug,,,,,,,