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Age 30
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Interest gardening, swimming and as of late- napping!
Due Jan 23, 2013 (boy)
My life is a living testimony on how God never gives up on people. God introduced Adam into my life almost 3 years ago, and what started off as a casual friendship He worked into a beautiful love story. God knew our hearts and our hurts from the past and those situations helped us grow and trust just one more time. Adam is a great man with such a good heart and that's how our true love story began. Here we are now, married, own a home and are expecting our first BABY on January 25th! I also have a beautiful step son, Zack, who's five and I love him to pieces. Our story was one of taking leaps of faith, our story is never boring and our story is one I treasure because it's amazing how blessed I am here. I love my little family and they are my life