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Age 25
Gender Unspecified
Status Not Saying
Location Athens, Georgia
Due Feb 14, 2013
I am Nikki
I am not just a b***h but i am THE b***h!
I can be the sweetest person ever, or the meanest
I don't intend to be a b***h I just tell it like it is and people take it how they want
I talk a little too much and that can tend to get me into trouble
I love meeting new people and making friends
I love to party and just have a good time
I dont like conflicts or drama what so ever
I love to dance and just get crazy with my friends
My heart is my weakness...I have too much love for people
...can be good and bad
Shots are my thing....
I love to tan
I love to text
I love jamming to music in my car attempting to dance and drive and making the old people stare :)
I love Mexican food i could eat it everyday!!
My dog is my child he is a black lab name roscoe
yes....I watch Jersey Shore, and Pretty Little Liars I love it!!!

I am currently attending Athens Technical College for Cosmetology.

I am and all around outgoing girl just looking for people willing to have a good time.

and....I think thats about it.....maybe :)