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Living a dream, without my dream man. My story, in 2 minutes or less. I live in TN. I moved here from TX, but am a DAMN YANKEE. Born/ raised in PA. I live very close to the mountains, where i BELONG & I love every damn minute of it. Its secluded & I deal with no Chaos.I am open, honest & opinionated. If you dont wanna know, dont ask or dont tell me... I love to have FUN, any shape, size or form. JUST KEEP ME LAUGHING. I love to hike, go camping, and exploring places I've never seen before. I am the proud momma of 3 awesome, smart, and articulate kids. A 16 year old son who is my comrade, a 6 yr old daughter who has taught me how to be a woman, and a 4 year old son who has brought out the kid in me again. They are my life, my heart & my reason… I like People with some intelligence, can carry on a good conversation, and enjoys life. You must be self-sufficient, have SOME form of transportation, and free of Drama. If you thrive on Drama, Keep walking, cuz u are definitely wasting your time with ME. Of the people I WOULDNT like to meet, well, there's many. The ones who doubted, took advantage of, downed me, the ones who just won't leave it alone.....but MOST of all, those who can't quit living in the past. I don't care what you THOUGHT of me, what you THINK of me, or what you WILL think of me. .. I, in the end, ended up winning. It takes a weak willed person to perpetually live in a world gone by, and make up petty excuses and LIES. Anything else you wanna know, ASK! I probably tell ya! he he he