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Been with my boyfriend for quite a while. Having some baby things going on. Hoping this website can help us! Yes, i know we are young. But I guess this is one of God's many gifts to us! (:
-I have no problem adding people to my Parentank, or adding people on Facebook.. but I would rather you PM me on here before adding my Facebook. (:
--Before people start to tell me how I should run my life, remember this..
1. I am Pro-Life. Abortion is not an option for me.
2. I am perfectly able to handle myself, and my situation.
3. I have tons of support from my family, my boyfriend's family, and my boyfriend himself.
4. Do NOT assume things about me until I have told you my whole story.
About Me:
- My name is Rachel.
- I blow out the candles on August 29th.
- My favorite color is pink.
- I am a sophomore in high school.
- I plan to go to beauty school to become a Cosmetologist/Nail Technician.
- I have the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for.
- I am a high school cheerleader, and recently made All-American.
- I met my boyfriend way back in July 2010, and started dating. That time only lasted about 2 months.
- We started dating again in June 2011. Once again, it failed.
- Third time is a charm, we settled our differences and got back together October 14, 20ll and couldn't be happier! (:
- On June 2, 2012, my loving boyfriend gave me a BEAUTIFUL promise ring! (:cpKFm5.png22042228.png