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Age 25
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Work sellin' krabby pattys
Location Dawsonville, Georgia
TTC Since Apr 30, 2012
My names Karlee. People call me Karlz for short or K.bo.
I am just at the ripe age of 21 && I'm currently T.T.C. :)
My boyfriend, who I am crazy in love with's name is Dj.
We want to have a big family. So we want to start soon.
We've been trying for about two months or so.
I believe in god :) I'm a FIRM believer in Karma.

My boyfriend and I live together.
We have a cat names Slasher
Or simba.
Or Handsome.
Or just Hey cat.
Hes a pretty wild kitty.

I'm not one for the drama, If you dont like me thats fine.
I joined this site cause my friend told me all you girls were awesome.
I could get some good adivce.
Tips. And much more.

I'm a talker. And I'm always look forward to making new friends. :)