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I am happily married since March 2001. In August 2002 we gave birth to our first son. In March of 2005 we gave birth to our second son and in May 2005 we found out I was yet pregnant again but lost the baby at a little over 8 weeks pregnant, we had not even let anyone know about this baby so it was a grieving in silence. For the next several years we had tried to get pregnant but to no avail. Finally in July 2012 we got our BFP. It was short lived as because on October 7th we miscarried our baby at 14w5d. I took this really hard as we had already know that the baby was another little boy and my boys were old enough to realize what was going on so not only was it me and my husband grieving but our two older boys as well. In April 2013 we got our BFP yet again and we are currently 14w5d. I must admit I am very paranoid with this baby. So far all is going good. I am a diabetic so everything is so difficult because of all the complications I can have. Currently I have had gallstones and kidney stones in this pregnancy. I am hoping to deliver my rainbow baby safely!