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Age 32
Gender Female
Status Married
Work Wife, Mother & Government Contractor
Location Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Interest Music, reading, animals, games, theater, art, traveling, quality time with family.
Kids 1
Due Mar 21, 2013
I love being a wife, a mother, a bestfriend, a sister, a daughter.

A true love story:

DH & I were high school sweethearts and very much in love....he even proposed to me in the middle of the mall my senior year (he was 2 years my underclassman - yes I dated a sophmore when I was a senior and did not care! He was hot!! Thank God I was popular enough to do that j/k LOL) Well sad to say, shortly before I graduated I broke his heart and dumped him in a coffee shop. At that time, I hadn't yet seen or experience life and was about to go off to college....never had my heart broken either....until nearly every relationship after that one....well, we went on separately with our lives.....I still spoke to his mom and sister from time to time as we were very close when we dated. After several failed relationships, and both he and I having a failed (sham) marriage and being divorced....we found each other again after 10 years and the spark was instant. It felt as if we just got off the after school bus again....nothing in my life had ever felt more RIGHT then to be in his presence again....I had realized that at the ripe age of 17, I didn't know what it was to really have a GOOD MAN....and after dealing with so many bad guys....I appreciated what I had this time....and knew better than to let it go this time.....i was a lucky and blessed girl to have him then, and even more blessed for God to give me a second chance with him...imagine my smile when I was welcomed back into his family when he surprised them with visiting them with me and for them to say they always knew he and I would somehow end up back together....he always, even after 10 years, referred to me as "the one who got away". We married only 3 months after we got back together and I have been the happiest woman in the world since!! And they say there's no such thing as fairy tales.....*wink* Now here we are about to have our first baby together!! Only thing is, because he's military, and I happened to be one of those chicks who managed to get knocked up on his month long mid-tour.....he is now back in Korea and I am at home having to hold my own hair as a vomit into the toilet. :(
At least he'll be back for my last 2 and a half months and more importantly, the birth!