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YESTERDAY IS HISTORY, TOMORROW IS A MYSTERY, TODAY IS A GIFT, WHICH IS WHY WE CALL IT THE very thankful for what you, laugh, love often xxxxxxxxxx

i am a friendly,mumsy kind of woman....i am a married woman now, but my maiden name is Egan...that is what i used to be called...but not anymore! lol! this is to help if you are looking for me....or not! lol!
Michael Lance is my husband and he is a fantastic man..the best friend anyone could ever have - he is my soulmate - i will never stop thanking him for making me the happiest woman alive..and for loving my boys and being the best step-dad they could ever have...Mick loves Heavy Metal - Metallica, Anthrax etc, his guitar - he will get an electric one at some point i am sure ;) - he loves cycling, fishing, computer games,WARHAMMER, harry potter, Buffy the vampire slayer and not forgetting ZOMBIES!! lol!
We were married on WEDNESDAY JULY 27TH 2011. Our wedding anniversary will be this date forever onwards... The anniversary listed in this profile is of the day we became a couple.
anyone who really wants to get to know me, will find the REAL me...:)
i am not perfect..but i am definitely worth it :)

we live to love,laugh and spend precious time with those who are dear to us

the time spent together as husband and wife with our children, our family, and our friends will always be the most precious time we can have :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

TAKE CARE EVERYONE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx