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I'm a mother, I'm a wife... I am a person! Trying to make the most of what I have been handed in life.

I grew up in a small family consisting of just my mother, brother and myself. We never really had any extended family around and I believe that's how I came to the belief that family aren't just people related to you by blood... family are the one's that are there when you need them the most, they share in life's joys and life's sorrows. They're like shadows, you may not always see them but they accompany you through all that life brings.

I have a wonderful husband.. he brings out the best and the worst in me. He has helped me to evolve into the person I am today, he has allowed me to find the confidence within me to be able to stand up for myself and to walk courageously through life (although I'm sure he kicks himself for that at times!). He is not just my rock, he is my mountain and I love him more than life itself.

I like to think I've been blessed with 3 children. I have a step-daughter Kyra-Lee who is married with 2 children and making her mark on the world, I have a beautiful teenage son Dylan who is trying at the best of times but I love him just the same and my wonderful husband and I welcomed our own little miracle into the world in August 2011, Emily :)

They are my world and without them I am sure I would cease to exist.

I have a strong interest in Geneaology, I love music and books.. I work in Pathology as a Pathology Services Assistant (Office Administration Assistant) and I also work casually as a Food & Beverage Attendant. In 2012, I hope to recommence study in the aim of furthering my education and career.

As we are all aware, life seems to get busier and busier.. leaving us less and less time for the good things in life. Therefore, I prefer to spend my spare time with family and friends.