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9:30am Close Friend
hey girly how are you and your family. sure so miss you. are you all doing ok

9:30am Me
we are doing good. really involved with church and extra curricular activities

Joe is in the Chior

Gabe is in BoyScouts

Heavin is wanting to do dance lessons

Micheal is going to have his frist friend sleep over this weekend

All the kids are in AWANA's on Wednesday nights

I'm the nusery school teacher at Church

We transport between 2 and 8 ppl to church in a differnt town every week

9:34am Me
On Fridays, While Joe works, me and the kids go to my cousin Patrick Piper's Football games. They are like 5-0 this year. The last 3 games they've won before the end of the first half!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

How are you and yours?