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i am 20 yrs old, i am a blond hair blue eyed baby! i'm married to Codie Mathew Dalton Greer & we have an amazing baby boy born on June 18,2011.. his name is Ian Nathaniel Lee Greer!!!... i was supposed to graduate 2011 but i didnt, i got my GED! i live with my amazing husband Codie Greer, tryin to make it. I'm in my nursing classes, im goin to be a RN! i was lucky enough to find the love of my life on April 22,2009! and we have been through hell and back but we r still side by side. im tryin to make something of my self and make a real american family! ... I'm truely happy wit everything right now... takin day by day and one foot in front of another!!! Now im pregnant wit my second baby boy he is due December 10, 2012...... i'm stuck on name cause my first baby boy is Ian and i want to name this one Easton Matthew Dalton Greer.... but my husband thinks it sounds way to close so idk we'll see lol