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The name is Victoria Abby Lynn Richards. I'm the sweetest girl with the biggest heart. But don't let that fool you, I'm a down right cut throat b***h when for it's called for. Treat me like I treat you or I will address it. I'm upfront and bluntly honest. I will not lie or steal from anyone I love. Ill do anything for the people I love and care for. I defend my own. And protect myself, I'm a grown woman and I hold it down 100%. Im faithful and loyal to My baby Cody Wagner. I love him with all my heart, Ill always be his ride to die. Im the Baby girl thats here to stay ! ! ! ! I don't give a shit about people that aint iin my life. Sorry but it's the truth, if you don't. like it to damn bad. I'ma real fuckin female, I play no childish games. I'll take down any hater in my way. Im on a mission to. make it to the top. I will not give in until i succeed. I'm not the baddest b***h but I have the potential bring you down. I accept no defeat Ill keep tryin till I win and I'm smarter than your average female. So I suggest you watch your step when it comes to me. Ill keep comin back until I win. This is me take it or leave it. Victoria :)