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34nqe76.jpg- Nine Week Ultrasound -
I went to the ER scared to death that I was miscarrying because I was bleeding light at first then it got a little heavier. Come to find out that everything was completely fine and his heart rate was extremely good and my HcG levels were high. Later on, doctors noticed that my blood type was negative and I have to get RH shots with every pregnancy and they are figuring that's why I was bleeding earlier on.

1r8al0.jpg- 20 Week Ultrasound -
The routine ultrasounds that doctors order and my little baby is completely healthy and growing normal! I was so happy. Also this was the ultrasound that I found out my little baby is a boy! I thought he was going to be a girl but I was wrong, lol. :)


its-a-boy.jpg2hmin81.jpg34q5lxu.jpg- 29 Week Ultrasound - 4D ! He was moving like crazy and just smiling, he sure is a happy baby. He didn't like the ultrasound tech touching my belly at all 'cause he would kick where ever she was lol.