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Age 32
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Sing like youve never sung before and dance like no ones watching.

I go by Tawnie, im 28 and a mommy of 2 wonderful little boys and hopefully soon to a 3rd precious little one, and Im also married to a wonderful guy for 8 yrs. Im your tipical girlie girl, I giggle when im nervous, I laugh at the most randomous times. Im a b***h if I need to, but im usually very friendly. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I get hurt very easy. I fall very fast for people. I love my friends dearly, they are always out to look for my best interest, and they give the best advice, its just to bad I dont listen to them often. Im a flirt, but not a wh**e. I like to have fun all around. I love to dance, even more so in my undies in front of the mirror like a high school girl. I over look into things, but im usually good at reading in between lines. My friends have this inside joke about me, they say that im always saying "what does it mean when she..." I hate driving, but love my car. Hate cooking, but love to eat. I hate chocolate, but once in a while ill eat it. My favorite colors are pink and black. Im not spoiled, but I do get just about whatever I want most of the time. Im a animal lover, but I dont like some. Im a very good friend, but dont double cross me, I can take care of myself. When im down, I get very quite, and when im happy, im usually very loud. I like to drink, but im not a drunk. Never done drugs, but not against them. I miss my grammy so much, even more so when I need her here to help me thru my thoughest times. These are just somethings about me. If you know me personally, then you know im the type of girl that is there always and forever, and if you have heard things about me, depending on who said it, its probably not true. If there is anything else, just hit me up.