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I have been the mother of 6 children. I have 3 boys, Kyle, Ethan and Vincent. I have 2 living daughters Kaytlin who is with me and Amithyst who was adopted when I was very young. I hope to find her soon. My other daughter Sophia passed away and there is not a day we do not wish she is here with us. We are expecting on 5th child and if I DO NOT ASK YOU TO HELP RAISE THEM then I do not expect any advise from you either. I adore my big family!! Times get tough but we always seem to pull through. I am blessed. I have a great husband. We have known eachother forever and it is really awesome to marry your best friend. I am stubborn, I am what you see. I do not need name brands or fancy labels to be important or beautiful. I was raised on the back of a Harley with my momma and I guess I was raised to be outspoken. I know all my children will be something great and the funnest part is sitting and watching them grow. My motto is..if you cant tell the person you are talking about to their face then you probably should not be talking at all!! I recently was reunited with my brother and it is so nice to have him in our life. I take pride everyday that I have been clean from all things since 2006 and do not regret what I had to do to get where I am. I am me!! Love me or hate me, either way I will not change myself to suit your mood!!