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Age 34
Gender Female
Status Married
Location Castleford, United Kingdom
Due Nov 01, 2012
I concider myself to be a loving caring passionate person I always put my loved ones first. I'm very protective of those I care for.
I love going partying with my girlfriends letting my hair down, dancing till the early hours. Shopping with the girls is also lots of fun finished off with a nice meal and maybe a cheeky drink. But more than happy just being with Dan at home.
I'm very self sufficient I don't like to burden myself on others I always pay my own way. If I want something I save up till I can have it.

I was brought into the world by my wonderful parents who I love to bits.
I hope that I grow up to be just like them even after a million yrs they still hold hands and are very much in love. If I can be as happy as they are and bring my children up as well as they have brought my up I will be happy.

I moved to Cambrigeshire in july 07 from the North East to live with my now husband. I met Daniel on holiday in January in Egypt we were instantly drawn to eachother. He had the most lovely blue eyes, gorgeous smile. However I was not impressed at the little porki about being 26 mmm well he thought I was 21 so I will let him off haha! We spent 3 lovely days together, even got caught on the beach in a pasionate momment by local police with GUNS! very funny after not at the time tho! Dan left four days into my holiday :(. I'd never met anyone on holiday before, never expected us to meet again it was crazy to feel so draw to one another in such a short time we were both very sad when he went home there were tears from us both. I went home 3 days later we called eachother as soon as I got home we spoke for ages. A few days after coming home Dan drove 3, half hours to mine, we spent 4 days together it was great something good finally happening in my life my family took an instant like to him and friends too loved him. I went on holiday to get away from my search for the one I'd almost given up and I found the ONE! I used to go on countless dates from nights out ppl I met through work even internet dating, it was a joke to my friends I was to picky MWAA?! I just new in my mind and my heart what I wanted and would not want to waste someones time if I wasn't interested in them.Then I go on holiday and meet Dan and everyone is waiting for me to complain about him find something that he does to annoy me and I can still say to this day nothing! I love him to bits and know we will spend the rest of our lifes together we are like to halfs of a coin and we arn't compleat unless we are together. A holiday romance that lasted.

Moving away from my family and friends was the hardest thing ever I'm very close to my family and it's difficult not being able to pop home to see my mam and have a big hug and a kiss. Family is very important to me and I hope that one day we will move closer to home. With out Dan I wouldn't have been able to move he has been my love my rock and constant friend. I race home every night to see him after work, I run to let him in when he has been working late. I love to just hug him tight for 5 minutes when we get home from work. Sometimes we just lay in bed all day together cuddled up and nothing else in the world matters. Love is the best feeling in the world knowing someone is always there for you caring for you.

Friday 16th Jan was the happiest day of my life it was our 2yr anniversary I had a dozen red roses delivered to work they were so beautifull.Dan took me out that evening for a suprise Thai meal in a lovely restaurant and a few drinks. On returning home I found the place lit up with candles music playing Michale Buble champagne on the table and a single roses. Daniel got down on one knee took my hand 'my heart jumped into my throat' he produced a box containing the biggest most sparkling ring I'd ever seen then asked me to marry him. He made a beautiful speech of how he would love me take care of me forever and never let me go. At this stage we were both in tears I managed to get the word out 'YES' as he slid the stunning ring onto my finger. The tears were rolling down my face as he kissed me passionately this was the most romantic moment of my life so far a prefect end to a perfect day.
We have lots of plans for the future our wedding, making a beautiful home to start a family. We are so excited at the thought of children even thought of names lol!
I'm not religous but I have always believed a child should be bought into the world by a couple in wedlock maybe I'm old fashioned.

Our wedding day 24/4/2010 at th Excellence Playa Mujeres was the happiest day ever! I could not have wished for a more beautiful day it was everything I had ever dreamed of the ceremony the vows, music and my husband it was perfect. It was sad the stupid huricain stopped all the flights and my girlfriends couldn't get over to be bridesmaids but we did meet six lovely people who came along and made it just as nice.

6 months on married life is fab loving every minute. Dan has got a transfer to West Yorkshire we are now living in a lovely house I also have a new job. Everything is going great loveliving back in the north the people are great and I'm only an hour away from family and friends. Looking forward to our 1yr anniversary when we hope to start making a little family of our own.

I do believe I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have such wonderful man to wake up with every day telling me how much he loves me.