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Age 23
Gender Female
Status Married
Work Tower Ribbon
Location Wolcottville, Indiana
Due Feb 17, 2013 (boy)
This is Adam and Karissa a loving and adoring couple with two adorable animals Lily and Zoey. We first had our cat Lily before Zoey, not a normal cat but she is very loving, shy, and playful we use to be close to her untill we got our puppy then she fell in love with the puppy and they play together ALL THE TIME lol. Zoey is our puppy that we recently got about 5 weeks ago and I got to admit she's something. She is the ONLY dog/puppy Lily has ever got along with and I'm so happy she found a friend like Zoey a very playful, loving, and how can I forget adorable puppy =). Then there's Adam and Karissa yes there's times where we just want to scream at each other till we get tired of hearing ourselves then we apologize. But, most of the time it's like we are walking on the clouds and everything else around disappears and it's just the two of us. We have never been happier.