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Age 32
Gender Female
Status Single
Work homemaker, Styles ,And Interior Designer
Location Wisconsin
Interest In my children... i like to make things and sow. love music, painting ,drawing, cooking , spiritual relationship with the lord
Kids 65
Due Dec 29, 2012
Iam 28 years old. I have a 5 year old and am expecting another baby by surprise. I never intended to get pregnant like this i mean without being married to he right man to be over me and my children Spirituality, a leader and supporter of my family. So i was doing real good for a long time meet a man who said he was that man and very soon after finding out he lied. I have negotiated with foolishness and made a baby it doesnt take much but one time. I didnt think i could have anymore kids lost alot of weight and got preggers right off the bat. im truly sorry for contradicting what i first was trying to establish as morals in my life. God has other plans . Other than that im cool . love doing stuff with my baby girl i have already. WORD OF ADVICE= NEVER EVER COMPROMISE YOUR CHARACTER FOR NO ONE , CUZ WHEN U DO AND ITS THE WRONG PERSON THEY ACCUSE YOU AND BLAME YA FOR THE COMPROMISE.