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Gender Female
Status Married
Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Kids 17
Due Mar 27, 2013 (girl)
Story of my life:
Born And Raised In Okc And I Am A High School Graduated Of 2001 Been Out On My Own Since I Turned 18 And I Am Very Colorful,Fun And Outgoing Full Of Life And Dont Make Plans I Just Go With The Flow And Also I Am An Enemic & I Now Have Rheumatoid Arthritis In Both Of My Hands Now.I Have Also Been Lied,Cheated On,Sexually Abused,Screwed Over,Stolen From,Abused,Emtionally Hurted,I've Ran Away From Home Numbers Of Times,Surprisely I've Never Ever Been Arrested In My Life,I Love To Say That I Am Proudly Married & Madly In Love With My Husband Brian((07/01/2005)) We Both Been Thru Alot Together These Last 6 Years And Still Goin Strong ((Sometimes)),He's My Best Friend,My Lover & My Rock And Most Of All My Protection & My Only True Soulmate.Brian And I Have A Beautiful Little Girl Breanna Who God Blessed Us((09/14/07)).I Couldnt Imagine My Life Any More Better,She Is A Mommy's Girl All The Way And The Reason I Am Living Life & 2 Step Sons Erik & Dallas,Whom We Missed Very Dearly & Not A Day Goes By That We Dont Think Of Them We Havent Seen Or Heard From Them Since January 2008.Brian And I Also Lost Our "Son" He Traded His Feets In For Wings((12/26/08)) We Would Have Been 4 Months.We Brought Our Fixer Upper Home! I Am A Fighter And I Will Fight Anybody That Harms My Child In Anyway,Please For Your Sake Dont Let Me Catch My Child's Name Rolling Outta Your Nasty Mouth Because You Have No Idea What I Am Capable Of.Anyways More About Me Lol.I Am A Facebook Addicted.I LOVE My Camera And I Totally LOVE Taking Pictures I Have Over 100 Folders Of Each Family Members & You will never catch me without any pictures on my computer or on here,especially my cell phone,Its my inspiration & my life. I am also a g*****c designer. Also I Am Straight Up A Girly Girl I Have To Have My Nails Done & My Hair.I Have 2 Tattoos,8 Piercings Ears And My Monroe!I Love My Cell Phone Cant Not Be Without It.I Love To Go Shopping When I Get The Chance And I Love Being Outside During Summer Time And I Am A Sandal Freak I Have Over 25 Different Colors And I Totally Love Dressing Up My Daughter In Cute Outfits.I Am A Totally A Music Freak.I Also Love My Shih Tzu Little Red,He's Too Special.I Also Have Very Few "Friends" Most Of The Ones I Had Ran Their Mouths About My Child.Yes I Have Enemies But Does It Look Like I Really Care They Are Pretty Much Jealous Of My Life Because I Pretty Much Got It Made And I Am Spoiled By My Sweet Husband.I Have A "Few" Friends Who Hasnt Yet Judge Me But Other Then That,That's All I Need.

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