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My husband and i found out we were expecting on july 4th 2012! after 2 m/c (one being a a missed m/c) and 2 years of trying. My husband and i started getting tested see if something was wrong. We found out he had a low sperm count, and i went for blood test that said my levels were normal and an ultra sound that found that i had a slight dent in the uterus. At that time i was told my uterus lining was very thick and my period would be coming very soon. My period ranging anywhere from 24 days to 55 day, that when 2 and 3 weeks past i thought nothing of it. I started feeling odd and ad noticed ii was extra moody, so knowing i was going to have a few drinks on 4th of July I woke up that morning ran to the store having to pee really bad brought the test home. I was thinking yea right... I am fooling my self again. I was wrong! I could not be more excited! At that time i was about 5 or 6 weeks. I am due March 9th 2013. We found out on March 9th we are having a baby girl!