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Interest just lookin forward 2 being a mommy
Due Dec 14, 2012 (boy)
When I found out I was prego, I was full of mixed feelings. I was happy yet scared that in the next 9 mnths this is really gna happen. My bbys father I think was surprsed n in denial which he wanted me 2 b preg. N the 1st place. But even though were not 2gether, we come together for Ayden. That's right, its a Boy! I'm real happy too, I found out at 16 weeks. I'm excited now feeling his movements, seeing his ultra sounds, n feeling his kicks. I love this lil boo in my tummy n is patiently waitin 4 him. I'm 25 weeks now n very round. Like I'm carryin a basketball. Lol but Dec. 15 is the due date n I'm can't wait!!!!! I just hope to be a great mom for my son n provide him w a good life. Momma will always come thru 4 u Ayden Jeremiah Darby:-)