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Age 28
Gender Unspecified
Status Not Saying
Location Ontario
Due Feb 26, 2013 (girl)
I suffer from Astraphobia (look it up)
I do the ocassional photoshoot, so you could tecnically say I like to model-
I have a secret crush on Dr. House, and Christopher Walkin. (secrets out now)
Addicted to my iPhone
I STILL sleep with a stuffed pig-->His name is Puckers :)
Love Tattoos & Piercings
Iv'e met Billy the Exterminator.
Worked as a telemarketer...and probably bothered you on Christmas Eve.
Iv'e been to 31 U.S States
Stood in the Globe of Steel & performed with the Ives Brothers.
Only listens to country music when i'm down south
Signed personal autographs to over 1000+ people
Has atleast 1 baby in this world with 1/2 my genes because I donated my Ovas (eggs) to a couple who couldn't have children.
Hate Spiders

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