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-imperfection is beauty;madness is genious and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring(:
hi yall im cassie(: i guess you could say i'm not your average girl. i'm not pressured by peer pressure... i jus do what i think is right for me & deal with th consequences. i dont care what you think about me. i stand up for what i believe in & you're not going to change my mind. i hate cheaters, people that lie, jus plain rude people, and i hate drama. dont talk to me as if u know me when u dont. dont expect me to trust u when you havent given me ANY reason why i should, and especially when youve given me every reason in th world as to why i shouldnt. dont judge me and dont try to change me. i dont like talkin bad about people, but i'll be the first to admit that it happens on occasion. im very stubborn. i have a tendency to be very sarcastic and often offend people by th things i say. my excuse? at least i aint bein fake(: i love to smile & laugh. im th type of person that tries their hardest to make people smile, even if i cant make myself. i LOVE to sing & play th piano, and i love th rain. i like ridin 4wheelers and horses. love huntin, fishin, muddin, and jus plain backroadin(: country music is th love of my lifee. im pretty shy at first, but once u get to know me your prolly gonna end up usin th phrase "Cassie jus shut up for 2 seconds!" alot lol. well im me and thats how it is, if u dont like it, deal with it or get off my pagee(: anything else jus ask!<3