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The people who know me, know me well. I am a very passionate person, very trusting person (too trusting at times), I love big and give every relationship I have with someone, all that I have. My husband (Timothy Roseberry) and my two precious daughters r my whole world!!! They r what I live for and they r what makes my life happy and content. I've been hurt two many times by ppl that should've never hurt me and had a lot of awful things happened to me by the age of 30..but it has only made me stronger and wiser!! I am proud of the woman I am content with the ppl that r in my life at this very moment. I still have quite a few personal goals I would like to meet for myself, but my biggest wish is for Katelynne and Chloe (my lil princess' to have everything in life that will make them happy and for them to know that no matter what, they will always have their mother to turn to. I hope they are independent and can learn from all my dumb mistakes instead of making the same that I did. I am 30 the world turns I hope I am starting another chapter in my life that is way better than the last!!~~In the end, love is all that matters!