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Age 25
Gender Unspecified
Status Not Saying
Location Japan
Due Jan 10, 2013
My Name is Amber.
I'm Crazy.
I love to dance.
I sing in the shower.
I say whats on my mind.
My family means the world to me.
I have one nephew named Austin. And 2 nieces, Aliyah and Alexa.
My father is my hero and my mother keeps me grounded.
I say whats on my mind.
Some call me a b***h.
Sorry I just have enough balls to say it like it is.
It runs in the family.
I love to dance.
Its hard for me to trust people.
I have been hurt alot.
I have also done my share of hurting people.
I'm not proud of that.
I make mistakes.
I'm not perfect.
I have my ups & downs just like everyone else.
I love poetry and music.
Its how I express my feelings.
I play a little guitar.
I'm still learning.
I can be the best friend and the worst enemy.
I'm done putting my heart out for people only to have it broken.
I'm sick of trying to change for people.
I won't do it anymore.
I'm me.
I don't care if you don't like it.