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Age 27
Gender Female
Status Married
Location Grantsville, Maryland
Kids 1
Been a Couple Since June of '09.
Got Married May 12 , 2012
We have 4 Adorable Animals (Amy and Snuggles and Muu and Toka). Two reptiles and Two Mammals.
We Had a Pup but he died January 6th 2012. We miss him greatly. he was a wonderful one of a kind Dog.
We have lived together for 2 Years.
We Live in Grantsville and shares a 2 Bedroom house.
LOVES Anime.
defiantly a gamer (not just 360 gamers but we play many table-tops).


The Hedgehog,Guinea Pig and Turtle <3 all wonderful pets, sadly I didn't have an image of Snuggles to share.
2clff6.pngBanner, He got a lung disease and we lost him this previous January,He was a full blooded german Rotti but he was the MOST gentle dog you would ever meet,he was a big baby and we miss him greatly <3

2mdktfp.jpgHusband/ Baby daddy ^.^!! I met him at my younger brother's graduation. He was friends with my other brother (I have 2 brothers he was friends with the one who wasn't graduating at the time) We hung around him for most of the night,until the end of the graduation,AFTER that my younger brother (who he was friends with) made shore that him and I met again, and I am completely glad he did. James is everything I could ask for and more,He tries his best to make shore I'm happy and when he can't do so he tries his best too make up for it. HE however does have his times where I could just kill him, But I'm shore he could say the same about me, We have our fights in fact it was one of our fights where we separated,when we decided that we was going too get married,after that he said he wanted a family and come this previous March/April We found out we was going too have a baby[I was four months along], and it was in May that we got married and here we are today ^.^!! I love him what else could I say?? Words cannot express how I feel about him ^.^!! IT is indeed a Rarity =]