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Lets see Um well Im married haha there says it all~ Mom to a beautiful Girl and another one on the way due Oct.2012!!~ Greatest Family All around~ & the most awesome friends I could ask for~ As well as old childhood friends that are reappearing in my life!!
Im a Wife to an AMAZING MAN I intend to grow old with and to meet our maker with. And Im a mom to a wonderful and bright Lil girl Named Abigail Barnes. She is MY child so despite what other not so bright ppl think or say she is NOT theirs! They did not give birth to her therefore .... NOT YOURS AND NEVER WILL BE , YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH !! Sorry but I only Allow One Birth mommy per Family.If it aint yours dont claim it dont even try to tell My baby different !Jesus knows!!!You dont like it well TOUGH DOODIE FOR YOUUUU! I dont care who you think you are and who you have ppl thinking you are or want to portray... One things for DANG SURE... ABIGAILS MOM YOU ARE NOT!! Never underestimate me.... for in the end itll kick your ass.