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Age 26
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Location Leicester, United Kingdom
Interest Writing Poetry
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Due Nov 15, 2015 (boy)
I am a truly beautiful person, whether you can see it or not is neither here nor there.
I am a deep and understanding person. I am troubled and carefree.
I am courageous and frightened. I am vunerable and strong.
I am a woman and a girl. I am daring and self concious.
I am loyal and spirited. I am confident and nervous.
I am thrilling and calm. I am smart and foolish.
I am innocent and impressionable. I am adventurous and homesick.
I am achieving and failing. I am a dreamer and a realist.
I am outspoken and shy. I am hopeful and doubtful.
I am whole and broken. I am independant and unsure.
I am caring and mature. I am determined and helpless.
I am found and lost. I am forgiving and begrudging.
I am honest and suspicious. I am content and ambitious.
I am the sun and moon. I am intelligant and satisfied.
I am giving and changing. I am used and loved.
I am me and only myself. I am one and the other.
I am like no one else and everyone before me.