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Age 18
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Location Arkansas
Interest my ex/soon to be fiance
Due Jan 25, 2013 (boy)
im 15 and i go to augusta high school i got pregnant back in april and didnt find out till june im hoping for a girl but its what ever god gives me the dad doesnt know and i have no clue where he is at right now he ran off while we were dating and cheated now i dont know wheres he at or how to find him. he is 20 years old so my mom is having him arrested as soon as she can i didnt plan to get pregnant but he told me he couldnt have kids and i fell for it i learned never to fall for that again.:cry:

im still in love with my ex Trever he was the one to give me hope when we found out i was pregnant with his friends baby i just wish i was still with him he promised me he would be here through it all and now i hardly see him i only get to see him when i sneek to his house and its hard to see him like this he stays more depressed than i do because of us not being able to see eachother and its tearing our world and what we are about apart. :,(
I am having a baby boy his name is Winston Drake i named him that because i wanted something uniqe that no one hardly names their baby