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I'm sure you've guessed by now, I'm Brittany. Lily is my daughter(: ! Lily is my life, its me and her or neither. and the truth is, I care to much.I hate it when my favorite song comes on, as I pull into the driveway. If you give me a compliment, I'll take it well. I get my way, so yes, say I'm spoiled. I don't do drugs, they've messed up people that were close to me. I hate drama. I give all credit to my mom, she's my sunshine. I have thumbs like magic, I'm a texting pro. I must thank my fast metabolism, because if it weren't for you, 'd be awfully obese. I've had sex, I'm not a wh**e. I'm a sucker for great hugs, you give em', and you've got me. slippery hands(: smiles are my soul passion, they take my breath away. if I didn't care about you, you wouldn't even be a part of my life, so don't take advantage of it. I hate being disappointed. the stars take my mind off of everything. cookies are a sin. I like to complicate things. II care to much, like I said, it's that simple. I wish I wasn't. I believe in you, no matter what. if you want to be my favorite person, prove yourself first. Because you can't break the girl that thinks nothing of you.