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Im Amber, I am 20 years young:) Wish me happy birthday on September 9th!
It wont take you long to realize i dont care what other people think, I dont hold back my feelings. If it hurts you, OH WELL!!! Karma is a b***h, Screw me over thats fine, eventually you will get yours, and i will be the one laughing!!! I laugh often, and at things others dont really find funny. I am happy when everyone else is uncomfortable. I live life to its fullest, or at least try. I never fail to shock people with my actions or statements. I have grown alot in the last few years. I am happy with the woman that i am today. I love my life and the people who are blessed to be in it, and for those of you i have "kicked out" of my life, I DONT MISS YOU!!!! Want more, Just get to know me. I can be your best friend:).....Or your biggest nightmare;)