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lMy names Katie Ellis. I blow out the candles on september 15th. I have a crazy an unusual family but i gotta love them. My boyfriend an soon to be husband is my world. Anything else hmu. ~Kaye Baby~50bd86c84e7f9c245d2e598ef79b6d6e.jpgI found out I was expecting on July 31st. I go to Harris & Smith OBGYN. I had my first appt. Aug 13th 2012. They told me I was around 6weeks and was due April 6th. I went to the doc. to find out the sex on oct 25th for them to tell me its legs were closed.! Went back Nov. 12th to find out its a healthy beautiful Baby Boy (:9514a04411687a14b855dcc21eaf18c8.jpgNot only do I hope to be the best mom I can be, im also a model & currently in modeling school.9be164a838335f56272f5bcab8bd5277.JPGFirst I was craving very HOT foods everything had to be hot. Now not really much cravings just not big on anything fancy...(for now) & im inlove with fast foods. 15 Weeks I was craving everything sweet. Now im not so much hungry lately(20 weeks).!cbbb4e04f9d05e46c18e392b75ca94a0.JPGMy most wonderful Boyfriend Michael D. Gurry. 18. Weve been together since 11-2-09. Weve have concieved before but was a complicated situation.576209_419212838131576_1441660495_n.jpg