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Age 26
Gender Female
Status Married
Location Grover, North Carolina
Due Feb 11, 2013
"You Never Realize Just How Much You Can Love Someone Until Your Heart Is Outside Of Your Chest."

Kayla Ann Campbell;;

22 years old.
i have 2 sons and 1 daughter.
and were currently expecting.
February 12, 2013...is the due date.
The youngest 1 ayden is biological, the eldest 2 by marriage.
but they're all mine just the same. =D
Dallin James is 9.
Emma Christine is 8.
Ayden Linwood is 2.
all 3 of my children are very unique in there own ways.
ayden is to smart for his own good, he knows just how to play
you to get what he wants from you. hes got mommy wrapped. lol
emma is my little con artist, shell houdini you outta just about anything.
and dallin is my little soldier/redneck. depends on the day.
im married to the most amazing husband anyone could ask for.
Brian David Campbell. =D
hes my better half and the main reason for the smile on my face.
we got married july 24th of 2009. best day of my life.
hes very sweet, loving, caring, providing. and so many more
im attending gaston college to get my associate in medical office administration.
i love being a stay at home mom, but id like to get a degree and a good
job to give my kids everything i had and then some.
needless to say, they are all very spoiled.
but there's one word to some up my life....amazing.
and i wouldnt have it any other way.