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~Memories 2012 -2013~



You can call me Em. I'm 22 and married to an amazing guy! I love him with all my heart! We found out on 09/04/2012 that we are going to have a baby. We are sooo happy and can't wait to see our little bundle of joy in 9 months! :lol: Due date is May 10th, 2013.

I'm a southern girl. i love to have fun and just enjoy the life i've been given! I am a Christian (want to know what i believe? go here: http://www.lwcchurch.org/) I keep my opinions to myself so not to cause much drama. I don't think being a bully should be a hobby. Even though you can't see people on a forum, doesn't mean they don't have feelings.. No question is stupid. also, I'm really lazy with punctuation and capitalizing... so don't call me out, cause idc lol. I am Pro-Life. Anything else you need to know? just ask. i don't bite..... Hard :D

peanut_zps2adc198f.pngBaby at 10 weeks 6 days

111412152637.jpegBaby at 14 weeks 6 days
121312085230-1.jpg18 weeks 5 days and It's a GIRL!!
121312085252-1.jpgsonogram video here:








prolife.jpg1sttrimester.jpg First Month 1-4 weeks: Baked <3

Second Month 5-8 weeks: Baked <3

Third Month 9-13 weeks: Baked <3
2ndtrimester.jpg Forth Month 14-17 weeks: Baked <3

Fifth Month 18-21 weeks: Baked <3

Sixth Month 22-26 weeks: Baked <3
3rdtrimester.jpg Seventh Month 27-31 weeks: Baked <3

Eighth Month 32-36 weeks: Baked <3

Ninth Month 37-40 weeks: Baked and Perfect! <3 <3 <3

About You

Name: Emily

Age: 22

Height: 5'7

About The Father

Name: Ryan

Age: 25

Height: 5'8

Are you still together: Happily Married