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Due May 09, 2013
Im 24 years old and i blow my candles out every year on Dec.8th
I am the most stubborn person u may ever meet and If i have sumthing to say i will it so deal with it.
I hold grudges like no other and once i have a problem with u i will mostlikely have a problem with u for life.

Christopher & I have been together for almost 9 years and we will celb. our 5 year wedding anv. on oct.27th! He is one of the strongest men i know because he puts up with me =)

We have a a 3 year old named RILIE NICHOLE who is my world!
She has got to be the best kid in the world! She will bring a smile to ur face within the 1st 5 secs. of meeting her and u will never forget her !

We live one day at a time and look forward to what life may bring us!