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I am a mother of three wonderful boys, Huey , Hunter and my stepson, Mason, which is like my own. Huey is 23 and Hunter is 15. Little bit is 5. I have the most wonderful husband on earth (well, I think so). He is my soulmate and together we can do anything. He is my life. All of them make my world go round. I am a big family person. I enjoy going places and doing things, but most of all, I enjoy being at home with my family and spending time with them. My favorite place to go is simple--the beach. I also love to go camping with my family at Morrow Mountain. I love music of all kinds--depending on my mood. Everything from Kenney Chesney, Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift to Ozzy, Sarah McLaughlin, and Metallica. I enjoy cooking, working in my yard, working out, dancing, and most of all----I LOVE THE BEACH!

I am a certified paralegal but since I lost my mom in Sept. 2009 have chosen to stay home and take care of my family. When the time is right, I'm sure I'll be back out there working. Right now I am a Habilitation Tech, working with my son, Huey.