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Age 20
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Location Cynthiana, Indiana
Interest Being with my fiance. Feeling & seeing my beautiful son grow!
Due Nov 14, 2012 (boy)
I'm 16, happily engaged & live with my fiance(baby's father). we're a young couple, been underestimated and everyone said we couldnt do it....well....since January we've been living on our own!
Jesse & I have been goig strong since February 25, 2011 and coldnt be happier. we concieved Valentines day of 2012 and are anxiously awaiing the birth of our son, which is set for November 15.
i am getting my GED, so i can stay home with my baby boy.
my life is perfect. wouldnt change it for the world!!
i love you jesse and izaiah!<3