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Due Mar 26, 2013 (boy)
So happy my lil monster is growing perfectly healthy in me. Due dates march 25th and my greatest love has a strong heartbeat:) risk of miscarriage is low and I already feel you moving in there! I'm so excited to hold you and touch your little face. When I heard your drum beating at 157b/m I cried with happiness and pride my sweet pea. Can't wait til your here. ........ B. A. B. Y..................,.
OH AND BTW ITS A BOY AND HIS NAME IS GIOVANI SHARAI+a last name y'all don't need to know!...... B. A. B. Y..................,.
P.s. 21 isn't to young to love with all your heart for all the haggz out there who have anything negative to say I suggest you keep it to yourself!
...... B. A. B. Y..................,.
Now for a little bit about me as my own person. I thought I wanted a little girl this whole time until I found out I'm having a boy and I decided this queen needed a little prince anyways:) I tragically lost my little baby girl(of whome I named kahliyanna elaine + a last name) at 7months, 2weeks, and 4days pregnant the winter before last to a heart deformation. Although it was not my fault, I put a lot of stress on myself deciding I'd never ever have kids because I didn't want to ever experience anything like that again. I had known the high risk my entire pregnancy with her and I still did my best to carry on. She is watching over me now at the side, or perhaps on the lap, of my grandfather. In February I decided to forgive god for the occurrence and myself for not being able to make a healthy baby. Then in June, wah-lah I was pregnant! I didn't know how to take it because I still didn't plan on having children, but at 6weeks(which is when I found out) my baby had a very healthy heartbeat! That is something my precious angel gal never had! As I watch him move inside of me on that screen, grow, change, make faces, and suck on his thumb I realize how much I would have missed by never having another baby. I can't wait for him to be born so I can finally hold my baby. His father tries to tell me to call him our baby, but no he is MY baby, mY miracle:)
...... B. A. B. Y..................,.