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Many people think one thing about a person before actually getting to know them. I on the otherhand give each an everyone a chance. You can't hold somebody back for their past.

I tend to be a really sweet person and when in a new situation I can tend to be very quiet and observing. I'm not shy at all but when Im nervous thats how it appears.

I really love to try new things. And theres nothing that I wouldn't do to make someone smile. I try to make everything on the bright side.

Don't be mistaken when I say I am sweet. I am the sweetiest person you'd ever meet BUT if you disrespect me or someone around me I'd most likely be the first to confront you about it. Depending on the situation and what was said.

Im athletic and have an everlasting love for sports. I am very dedicatied to my school work when im not being lazy. :P haha. I intend to complete my college courses with an A average. and go on to pursue a career in Personal Fitness Training. I've always been propelled to help people and this is how I have decided to do that.

After college I intend to go to a Make up artistry school and esthiesology school in order to take on all my dreams and interests in life. :)

I really enjoy hanging out. Believe me I may be quiet at first but I am such a social butterfly and will get the party started. :))

You'll either love me or you will despise me. But I mean no harm.