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someone once told me that true love is your soul's recognition of its counterpart in another♥

I consider myself to be pretty unique and special = ). I am
very caring and loving, sometimes I might not come off that way because I can be shy and quiet ( sometimes people misconstrue that as being a snob which I pride myself on not being! ) . I love to laugh, will always be a child at heart, silly, playful and I can be funny, sometimes I can be funny without even trying. I'm open minded, good listener, compassionate, understanding, don't point fingers at people . I like and love people for who they are and for their hearts , not for what they do, or have done because were only human and I don't like it when people pass judgment on me so there!! I wish I had more money because it would be very helpful , I'm kind of struggling right now, it sucks, it would just be nice to make enough $$$ to pay all the bills, groceries, things for the baby and just to have some money left over you know? I do believe that money is the root to all evil so i would never wish to have a whole bunch of money just because of how greedy rich people become, and I'm sure they had no intentions on being the bad corrupt people that they are and I'm sure they were like , " oh I'll still be the same person , having all this money won't change who I am " but yet yes indeed it does. I'm not very materialistic or you know high maintenance, I don't care about fancy jewelery or flowers, but I do like chocolates and a bottle of martini & rossi asti sparkiling wine every now and then. maybe I could have "done something with my life" and went to college and been more successful and blah, but I have Madison, Dave, my mom, Courtney and my other good friends and family and I love my job and the people I work with and fairmonts a pretty nice town, I'm happy with how things are now.
I like massage therapy and I would have liked to learn more about alternative medicine and like how to help people stay healthy and also bring people from being sick to being well naturally and treating the person as a whole not just treating the symptoms. I just probably never went to school because I had such a rough time going to school when I was younger. I've been through a lot of shit in my life like being teased when i was a kid for being overweight in school , some times kids from the neighborhood and not being accepted by certain family members because they were ashamed of me, SO I am very grateful for people who have always liked me no matter what because I've always been a good person and I was pretty big and then lost 50 lbs when I was 17 and then that made me feel a lot better about myself and now here I am again struggling to lose weight I've put on during my pregnancy that sucks BOO!! I've been in some crappy relationships and the only good that came from that was just the fact that I learned more about people and learned how not to be so naive, What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.