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I'm 13 and pregnant. And want to parent. But my parents don't want me to. I need advice... Some type of direction? I had a mc that prompted me to come here my parents seem to me to e the cause of losing the baby. They stress me out and tell me like everyday I'm not keeping it. I was pregnant with twins. I lost one and I can't really still elieve I'm pregnant with one. I feel like I'm alone. I wasn't even going to go to the hospital but then coming here motivated me to. I found out that I had lost one but the one's ok. I still feel so far down in mourning but I guess that's life. I have decided I'm going to parent if you don't agree with this I don't care frankly it's not your choice or life. But from now on I'm just going to look forward take it day by day. I tried asking for advice all I got were stereotypes except for one. I guess I'm a little stupid not to know. Like my mom's always described herself as prolife up until now. I didn't actually know what all it was abortion prolife or choice I thought it was like birth control pills. I considered getting an abortion. But now I know and it's not an option. I'd rather just parent. I can't accept that. My parents will have to accept me the way I am which is pregnant and an expecting mother. I didn't want to get pregnant I got pregnant by sexual assault. I don't care it's my aby that's what matters. I love him/her and am going to be the best mom I can be to him/her. I'm also 9 weeks pregnant. I've decided after everything to keep it. My parents are giving me hell for it bbut they're trying to set up sending me away with my grandma. Like after I have the ay something will change. But I'm just holding on until I give birth hopefully they'll change their minds and accept the life I've chosen for me and my baby. I've talked to some online some in person who have btdt and many have had the same thing but it's not my parent's choice right or body. It's only my choice my body my baby. And I'm not going to let anyone make the choice for me I know I won't regret it.