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Grant is my husband...finally! Lets get one thing straight right now! Some people have referred to me as his "partner"...um...the correct title is WIFE! I have the Marriage Certificate...so that elevates the status!!!
Now that we're married we are a package deal...so wherever he goes I go & wherever I go he goes...END OF DISCUSSION.

Hmmm...where do I start?

I have always believed that honesty is the best policy...so here goes!

I'm friendly & outgoing except if you're outside my comfort zone for whatever reason, then if that's the case you may find me to be a little shy or even stand-offish but I don't mean to be...it just means that I don't know you or I sense that you're uncomfortable around me and I'm waiting for you to start a conversation...it's a silly little insecurity that I have but it doesn't make me a weak or bad person. I would hope that if you get to know me for who I am on the inside you might consider being my friend?

People that usually get along well with me understand my weird sense of humour...its not really a "funny" sense of humour (like in the physical laughing sense)...people really don't find me that funny and I don't go out of my way and "try" to be funny because I am more of a serious person...in saying that it doesn't mean I wont laugh at your jokes! If you find people like Jim Carey, Tom Green or Billy Connolly "funny" then we'll get along fine!

I have been raised the "Good old fashioned way"...that means I was disciplined with a firm hand from an early age and I learn't very quickly that mum and dad meant business! Honesty, loyalty, respect for ones elders and respect for ones body were constantly drummed into me. When my parents had guests over to visit I was seen and not heard.
My upbringing and values might not be everyone's cup of tea...but each to their own! I think I turned out alright...I know that if I ever have children, I will strive to raise them the same way I was raised.

I'm not religious (I don't attend Church regularly enough to be stereotyped as "religious") but I do believe in God and I have accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. I'm not a fan of religious debate because all it is to me is a personal attack on my faith and it doesn't benefit anybody. I always seem to feel hurt...so I guess that would make me "sensitive". If you want to have a go at me for some reason...pick something else or you may find that I won't speak to you for quite some time!

Another thing that I have to be honest about is that I currently hold a grudge against 3 individuals...being Simone Gordon (for killing my father), my ex-husband and his wh**e (for obvious reasons, don't make me go there).
Yes I admit it...I have major forgiveness issues and that's my problem not yours! You'll be fine being friends with me as long as you don't kill anyone in my family and you don't interfere in my marriage! Simple really!

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances from many diverse cultural, racial and religious backgrounds. Some of these people are single, engaged, married, de-facto, swingers, separated, divorced, widowed, straight, bi and gay. Some people like to make assumptions about me based on my upbringing and spiritual beliefs, just because my upbringing and spiritual beliefs conflict with a lot of other people that I know, it doesn't mean that I think that they are any less of a person. True, I wont always agree with the beliefs and lifestyle choices some people make but it doesn't mean that we can't be friends!

I can't stand lefties/socialists/commies/labor/Greens/pigs...or whatever you want to call them! They are the cancer that is eroding the fabric of Australian identity and culture. The current government is betraying its own people and is on the path to destroying what our diggers, past and present, died to protect...our rights and our freedom!!!

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