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I am 26 years old and live in Virginia. I have one daughter that was born in 2008. And now we are expecting again!!!

December 31st- Very light BFP (tested in the middle of the day)

January 1st- Tested with SMU, very obvious BFP! Had DD read the test, and she is now thrilled to become a big sister. :)

January 2nd- Went to my OB for a blood test. Anxiously awaiting the results.

January 3rd- Positive!! hcg 100

January 27th- 1st ultrasound. Baby is measuring 7 weeks 5 days, so we are right on track!

February27th- Went for my check-up, doctor couldn't hear HB with Doppler so I got an ultrasound. Everything is well, baby was just very active.

March 10th- Having issues with pain in my legs and my arms. Went to the doctor and they think I've injured my muscles. Finally got to hear HB with doppler :)

March 27th- Heartbeat 154. Received Rhophylac via IV

April 25th- Anatomy Scan - Baby is a healthy little girl!

May 23rd- 24 Week check up. All is well. Next visit is glucose test and rhogam shot.

June 20th- 1 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test + Rhogam Shot. Failed my 1 hour glucose test by 4 points.

July 11th- Scheduled for 3 hour glucose test + growth ultrasound.

August 8th- Had a regular appt. All is well

August 11th- Had an ultrasound. Baby is chubby and healthy :)

August 22nd- Next Appointment

August 29th- Pre-Op Appointment

September 5th- C-Section Scheduled


Baby #2

1st Trimester

1-4 Weeks- 1 Month- Done!

5-8 Weeks- 2 Months- Done!

9-13 Weeks- 3 Months- Done!

2nd Trimester

14-17 Weeks- 4 Months- Done!

18-21 Weeks- 5 Months- Done!

22-26 Weeks- 6 Months- Done!

3rd Trimester

27-30 Weeks- 7 Months- Done!

31-35 Weeks- 8 months- Done!

36-40 Weeks- 9 Months- Still Baking.......

baby development