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Age 27
Gender Female
Status Married
Work Government Employee
Location Oceanside, California
Interest Street Royalty MC, Sportbikes, bike nights, Horse-back riding, beach, BBQing, family
Kids 50
Due May 11, 2013
I am a self motivated, proud mother of 2 beautiful little girls and wife to the man of my dreams and 1st lady to our motorcycle club. My husband having been a infantry SSgt in the Marine corps has gone through more than many people could ever imagine one person could endure in a lifetime. He is my hero. We love life and enjoy growing our club into the family it is intended to be. I am honored to be where I am in my life, with a successful career and so many good people behind me. I surround myself with positive because only winners associate with people that have good things to say about other people and life in general.
In my return to this site I have noticed that 50% (if not higher) of the female population on here are bitchy, rude individuals and have turned this site into a sort of type forum that saddens me. People that sit at home doing nothing but attacking other mothers with their rude comments and snide remarks to INCLUDE the moderators. So if you plan to parentank me please be sure that you do not fall under this category because God knows I have better things to do than to see ugly comments from people who don't know me or know the struggles that I have gone through to get here.