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Age 24
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Due May 18, 2013
I love music, its the next thing to me after God. Its always there to make me feel better about anything mad sad upset . I love to color, draw, animals , reading books, Making hemp necklaces. I love to meet new people. I'm CRAZY in good and bad ways but who isn't .. I have lived with my grandmother ever since I was 2 Mths . Her name is Faye Smith. She is my world my everything. She understands me to the T she's my mom and my grandmother and My best friend. When the good lord takes here home it will be the hardest day in my life. My best friends name is Katrina Davis she is my BUG . I love her to death we have be throw so much stuff together. I love to just live life to the fullest.. I believe there's a god just dont read the book. I dont know bout all that but I'm ok with that. I want the best outta life for everyone.. To do there best and try there best when you fall get back up do it again never give up. To end all this would like to say I lost my brother
Daniel Ramey in 2006 he hung his self so please everybody when you think that taking the easy way out for yourself remember its not about you at that point its about the people that love you DON'T DO IT. Just come talk to me I will help you out. That's all I can think of if you have an ? just ask thanks for taking the time to learn about who I am.

~Toni Ashley Smith~